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U.S. Soaring Team Day Reports & Results

This is the place to find daily reports from the U.S. Soaring Teams while World Gliding Championships are underway. Find all the team news on the US Team News page.


This year the 4th World Class and 3rd Junior World Gliding Championships will be held in the Slovak Republic near the beautiful hamlet of Nitra. Hosted by the SLOVENSKY NARODNY AEROKLUB and the AEROKLUB NITRA this years event has over 100 competitors signed up. Preliminary entries show 39 pilots in the Club Class, 37 in the Standard Class and 25 in the World Class. The action will begin with the Pre Contest & Official Practice - July 3-5. The official championship flying starts on July 7 and ends on the 19th.

The USA will be represented by Garret Willat in the Junior Class while the World Class team will be Francois Pin and Pat Tuckey. The Junior championships is divided into two classes, Standard and Club. Both Garret and Chris will be flying in the Standard Class. Conrad Suechting pulls triple duty as the U.S. Team Captain for the World and Junior teams and as crew! Conrad previously managed both the World Class and 18-Meter US Teams at the 2nd World Air Games World Championships in Lillo, Spain in 2001 and crewed for the team in Leszno in 1999.

Junior Team pilot Chris Saunders has made the very difficult decision to withdraw from participation in the upcoming 3rd Junior World Soaring Championships. Several factors were key in Chris's lengthy consideration, not the least of which was the timing of the contest shortly after graduation and limited time after returning from Nitra to prepare for his first year of college. Chris placed a brilliant second place in the recent Standard Class nationals. At 18 years old this undoubtedly will not be the last time Chris has the option of team participation. Junior Team pilot Garret Willat will be representing the USA at the upcoming championships to be held from July 7-13. See the Day Reports for all the championship reports here.

Meet the U.S. World Team here and the Junior Team here.






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During the Championship the team day reports will be posted here. Bookmark this page. This years coverage is made possible by Frank Whiteley. Frank is a long time glider enthusiast and supporter of the Junior Team. Team Captain Conrad Suechting will send the day reports to Frank who will post them on this web page along with observations, special news items and links. A special note of appreciation goes to John Campbell who has organized the Junior Team effort and done much of the behind the scenes work to make it possible for the USA to field a Junior Team.

 U.S. Soaring Team

Class Pilot Sailplane Contest
Junior Garret Willat Discus 2a Y1
World Francois Pin PW-5  
World Pat Tuckey PW-5  
  Bill Snead/ Reserve PW-5  
Captian Conrad Suechting - -
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 Pictures From Nitra

The Contest Site
There are not so many towns endowed with such beautiful surroundings and such an ideal location as Nitra. Located in the western part of the country they say that Nitra, like Rome, was founded on seven hills. Nitra has several claims to fame as its name is connected with the beginnings of the history of Slovakia, with the names of Pribina, Svatopluk, Sts. Cyril and Methodius, the site of the first Christian church in Slovakia and with the introduction of the old Slavonic alphabet. Climate: The climate of Nitra is warm and generally dry. Average temperatures range between -1.5C and 4C in January, and between 18.5C and 19.5C in July. The annual rainfall fluctuates from 660 to 700 mm. The average temperature in November 2000 is 9C.

Map courtesy of the CIA. See the CIA site for a fact sheet on the Slovak Republic. Click images to expand.
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